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“Garuda Pumps”- The name makes the peoples to believe in the right choice for the competent range of vacuum pumps

The name is only enough to believe and to purchase our first class quality of the “Garuda Vacuum Pumps” in India. We are the eminent Vacuum pump manufacturers, supplier, and exporter of the well operational forms of the industrial pumps. We are generating these pumps through the varied modern machineries and advanced methods. The offered pumps are specially designed with the high quality resources for its long term durability. Besides, these pumps are extremely preferred by the many industries including paper & pulp industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, power plants, fertilizer industries and many more…

Vacuum Pump is a company manufacturing vacuum pump, high vacuum pumps manufacturer, Water-ring vacuum pumps supplier & exporter based in India,Gujarat. Our provided pumps are specifically intended for the elimination of different gases and vapors from a sealed area so as to generate a vacuum in there. We are well known for manufacturing high range of vacuum pumps that are finished in adherence to the international standards to our reliable customers; this is the reason that we are labeled among the top Vacuum pump suppliers in India. The offered products are decidedly esteemed by the numerous regulars for its relevant features like long functional life, trouble free performance, excellent in output, best possible potency, eminent sturdiness, etc.

As the requirements for this competent product is rising with the modern know-how, we are sincerely joined to fulfill this major requires by producing the excellent array of the vacuum pump and as well supplying the offered product to the many well developed cities of India, this is the reason that we are the leading Vacuum pump suppliers in a major place. As well we are massively connected to export our precisely designed vacuum pumps at the varied industries for the industrial applications. This product is much capable of the large industrial applications in diverse sectors from the different places.

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Being the oldest company in this field, a huge group of consumers believes in our products quality and capability to provide the greater result. Our specially manufactured vacuum pumps are the much demanded product also well flourished developed pumps for the industrial purpose. As the well-expected Vacuum Pumps Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, our skillful professionals making it with the advanced methods & machineries so that we are able to provide the complete range of the products to our all-time consistent regulars.

Our pumps are offered at very nominal price ranges and the products are trustworthy, this is the reason that our vacuum pumps are majorly appreciated in the global market by the thousands of consumers as the ideal Vacuum pump exporter in India. We used to more export our reliable product to the African, Asian, Gulf, European, and North American and to South American countries. Our company is immensely engaged to supply and export these reliable pumps to the diverse cities & countries. This product is more worthful than the expectations of the clients, this is the reason that we are still in the lead position for manufacturing and distribution to the various industries.

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What is Vacuum Pump?

Vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. Vacuum pumps are used in many industrial and scientific processes including composite plastic molding processes, production of most types of electric lamps, vacuum tubes and much more.

On the whole, it is applied to heave out air and different forms of gases from a preserved or cramped space due to which space is left out of any gas and air molecules. They are used in various applications like cleaning, sealing etc. Our Industrial Vacuum Pump manufacturer discharges the air controlled inside a structure due to which the mechanical input energy of a rotating shaft is converted into pneumatic energy. The amount of energy produced depends on the volume of gas removed.

Utilization of vacuum pumps

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Our specialized ranges of vacuum pumps

Technical specifications: Vacuum Pump

Operating procedureAutomatic
materialAluminum & cast iron
No. of stagesSingle/double stage
Motor5 hp
InchesUp to 30 inch
MmUp 800 mm
ApplicationCastration, drying, packaging
Power using up1 hp to 8 hp
Suction capability23 M3/hr to 178 M3/hr

Why Garuda vacuum pump is unique?

Being the well experienced company in this field, we are absolutely making the ultra modern ranges of vacuum pumps with the help of advanced technologies & methods. Our high range of pumps is not only unique in features but also consumer preferable product due to its affordable prices, some of its unique features are as follows:

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