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Garuda is the prominent manufacturer and exporter of Vacuum Pumps in India. We are offering comprehensive range of vacuum pumps which is prepared according to set industrialized norms, using superlative raw materials. Our pumps are offered at very reasonably priced and the products are trustworthy due to which the pumps are highly valued in global market by our clients.

Our provided pumps are specially meant for the elimination of gases and vapors from a sealed area so as to generate a vacuum in there. We are well known for manufacturing high performance pumps that are made in observance to the international quality standards so as to give up excellent output in the most energy-efficient manner. Moreover, our provided pumps are enormously chosen by the industries including paper and pulp industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, power plants, fertilizer industries etc.

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What is Vacuum Pump?

Vacuum Pump is a compressor for exhausting air and non condensable gases from a space that is to be maintained at sub atmospheric pressure. The pump is a device for removing gases and vapors from a closed space in order to create a vacuum in it. Basically, it is used to pull out air and gases from a sealed or confined space due to which the space is left out of any gas and air molecules. They are used in various applications like cleaning, sealing etc. Our vacuum pump evacuates the air contained within a system due to which the mechanical input energy of a rotating shaft is converted into pneumatic energy. The internal pressure level in a sealed volume becomes lower than that of the outside atmosphere. The amount of energy produced depends on the volume of gas or air removed and the produced pressure difference between internal and external atmosphere.

Uses of Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pumps are used in various medical and scientific applications in many industries like cement, pulp & paper, sugar mills, process industries & power plants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, treatment plants etc. In a wide-ranging intellect two or more types of pumps are used in an industry which can create high level of vacuum in a limited space. The below mentioned are some of the industries uses:

  • Automobile industry
  • While producing electric lamps and tubes where the device is evacuated and then is refilled with particular gas or mixture of gases
  • Medical processes which require suction
  • Analytical instrumentation which analyzes solid, gas, surface, liquid and bio materials
  • Electron microscopy
  • Medical applications which require suction like radiotherapy, radio surgery and radio pharmacy
  • Ophthalmic coating
  • Vacuum coating and engineering is required for decoration, durability and energy saving
  • Glass coating
  • Mass spectrometers which can create ultra high vacuum levels between the detector and the ion source
  • Sewage systems

We are using latest advance technology and high quality material for manufacturing Vacuum pumps. Moreover, these are installed with high-grade machinery that ensures fast and easy elimination of overload water from existing slab. In addition, our clients can avail customized products like Industrial Vacuum Pumps, High Vacuum Pumps, Liquid Rings Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pumps Refiners and Water Ring Vacuum Compressor made as per their detailed of products specification.

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Comprehensive Range of Vacuum Pumps

  • Industrial Vacuum Pumps
  • Watering Pumps
  • Rotary High Vacuum Pumps
  • Liquid Rings Vacuum Pumps
  • High Vacuum Pumps
  • Oil Seal Rotary High Vacuum Pumps
  • Watering Vacuum Pumps
  • Tri Disc Refiners